Samaaja (Society) is a free and open-source software solution for rapidly building and deploying location-based citizen engagement services.

An open-source contribution from FOSS United and Reap Benefit Foundation, it aims to allow any organization using Samaaja to immediately engage and mobilize citizens.

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Location based citizen-user engagement

Samaaja bundles geo-maps support, user authentication & user profiles, location-based report management and collation, and a lot more, complete with APIs and webhooks for external integrations, admin and end-user UIs, and management dashboards. It aims to be like WordPress, the blogging/CMS platform, but for location-based citizen-user engagement services.

Increase citizen participation at a hyper-local level

Samaaja’s mission is to increase citizen participation at the hyper-local level around civic and environmental issues ( for eg: water, sanitation, air quality, garbage, and municipal schemes amongst others) through hyper-local data, hyper-local solutions, and hyper-local campaigns. Thereby making citizens active, local neighborhoods resilient, and increasing accountability and transparency around civic and environmental issues at a hyper-local neighborhood level.

Modular ways for citizens to connect and participate

The Samaaja platform is essentially a civic tech platform primarily designed for citizens, citizen groups, and civil society organizations but can also be used by institutions and elected representatives. The platform allows for multiple and modular ways for citizens to connect and participate around schemes, information, issues, solutions, and mobilization with each other and elected representatives.

Every action counts

Join the Samaaja movement! Connect, engage, and transform your community today. Increase citizen participation at the hyper-local level and make a difference in your neighborhood. Record your actions now and be part of the change!